Creamed Corn

This recipe is specifically for putting up fresh sweet corn, for those of us who grow more than we can eat. A friend gave it to me.

Ingredient quantities can be modified as needed according to the amount of corn available. I've found the best ratio is 1 quart corn, 1 cup half & half, and 1 stick butter. I've made 4 quarts in my main turkey roasting pan and 3 quarts in my second-biggest size roaster.


1 lb butter
1 quart of half & half cream
1-1/2 tblspoon salt
Fresh sweet corn (4 quarts of kernels, approximately 72 half-ears)


Husk the sweet corn and cut the kernels from the cob to get about 4 quarts.  Sprinkle salt over, dot with butter and pour half & half over.  Roast in 325deg oven for one hour, stirring about every 15 minutes to prevent the top from drying out.  Cool and freeze.

NOTE: The original recipe simply said enough corn to "fill a turkey roaster pan about half-full", which is pretty vague. As a result I've had problems with this, sometimes it's too dry and sometimes too much liquid. I therefore started actually measuring amounts to find the best balance. After a few attempt I'm leaning towards the proportion of 1 cup half & half and 1 stick of butter (half a cup) per quart of corn. I've also determined that it took about 72 half-ears of corn for 4 quarts of kernels (I measure by half-ears since some ears have to have the "bad ends" cut off). 4 quarts of corn results in over 6 lbs of cream corn.